Q&A with Brooks Forester and Drew Kenney

Is Drew still in love with Desiree? Does Brooks have regrets? The men finally speak out about their time on the show. Check out this NEW media interview with the former Bachelor contestants.

Drew Kenney Interview

How did your family react to the news about you and Desiree 
Drew Kenney: You know, when they meet Desiree, they fell in love just as much as I did.  So there was a lot of - a lot of disappointment but, you know, their support never wavered.  And - and they just wanted me to be happy when it was all said and done. 

Were you angry at Desiree for breaking up with you? 
No, you know, I didn't have any anger towards her at all.  I understood that, you know, she was going through something very difficult and if - if she didn't feel like she had that connection with me then I wasn't going to sit there and try and convince her otherwise.  I think that, you know, this was something that she need to figure out on her own and even though I was so that - that in what I wanted that doesn't necessarily mean, you know, that was there for her as well.  So, I wasn't angry at all.  I understood what was going on and it's just kind of how it - how it goes.

Are you dating anyone now? 
No. I haven't began seeing anybody yet. I have been in lookdown since the show. The most important thing for me has always been relationships in my life.

Do you think Juan Pablo will be a good Bachelor? 
I think Juan Pablo is a great guy.  I know him really well and I got to know him in the house. I've talked to him post show and everything and he's - he's wonderful.  And he loves his daughter and he's a family man and he's definitely oriented in that direction. I think that he will take it seriously.

Interview with Brooks Forester 

Do you think you made the right decision between you and Desiree? 
Brooks: I know made the right decision and that was about being honest with Desiree and with myself.  And that conversation and the breakup, as difficult as it was and as bad as it hurt, you know, I just don't know how I can live without being honest.

You had some amazing dates with Desiree? Did you fall in love with her?
Brooks: It is difficult to really decipher exactly how you feel.  Are you falling in love with her or are you falling in love with that moment?  And so, for me, I really wanted a window to the outside world per say this, I see this relationship working after this whole journey together and that's what I was most concerned with.  I wanted to make sure that those words, I love you, are genuine and sincere and that I can fully back that up.  Six months, a year from now, instead of just in that moment. 

Did you read the spoilers claiming that you and Desiree were engaged?  
Brooks: Yes, the last two months have been difficult. Everybody assumes that we're together and has a conversations with me and I don't like eluding to anything, you know, I have to play a very fine line and say "oh just watch the season." I'm glad that that's over, I'm really glad to see the end of this shooting come to an end.  
Are you happy for Des and Chris on their engagement? 
Brooks: Yes, as I said before I mean, they seem looking for love and they found that and Desiree and Chris are both are amazing individuals. I am extremely happy for them.

Are you dating anyone right now? 
Brooks: No. I am single. 

Would you have considered being the next Bachelor? 
Brooks: You know, after watching Desiree firsthand and the process that she went through, emotionally taxing, there was some discussion early on and when they had asked me initially my response was no.  I had multiple conversations with producers about that. They said that they were going in a different direction so the decision was made for me anyways.

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