Chris Harrison Blogs about the Finale "Desiree chooses Chris!"

In a surprising turn of events, Desiree Hartsock sent Drew home and chose Chris Siegfried to be her husband. Here's what Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, had to say about the finale. 

Des and Brooks: "I also don’t think Brooks was a “bad boy” that Des was trying to chase and fix. Brooks is a good guy and I believe his intentions were true. But I do think Des got a little caught up in the chase and may have lost sight of the big picture."  

On Des and Chris: "The moment they met again, Des instantly knew. She knew the greatest gift of all had been sitting right there under her nose the entire time. Des was immediately at ease around Chris and he just made everything all right. When you see Chris and Des together it really makes her relationship with Brooks almost laughable. You just can’t compare the two. Once I heard how well her final date went with Chris I was happy for her, but I still wondered what our finale would look like." 

What did you think of the Bachelorette finale? 

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