Desiree Hartsock on Why Ben Scott Received a Rose

Desiree and Brooks newlywed date
In her NEW blog post for People Magazine, Desiree Hartsock blogs about The Bachelorette, Episode 2 and why she gave Ben Scott a rose.

On her date with Brooks Forester: "For that first date, I wanted someone who could be spontaneous and turn a seemingly awkward activity into fun and laughter. Brooks was the perfect choice...I was the happiest person alive after a successful first date and that geared me up for the dates to follow."

Giving the rose to Ben: "It was really tough for me to decide who to give the rose to. I had a great conversation with Ben where we shared stories about our childhood and our interests so I felt I had more invested in him. But I didn't realize how giving it to him would affect the others."

You can read Desiree's full Bachelorette blog at People Magazine!

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