"Fantasy Suite Jonathan" Apologizes to Des on Twitter

He got kicked out before the rose ceremony and went to his fantasy suite alone. Jonathan Vollinger, aka Fantasy Suite Guy, did a major Fantasy Suite FAIL on Monday's premiere episode of The Bachelorette. Desiree kicked Jonathan to the curb and sent him home during the cocktail party.

Jonathan Vollinger, the 26-year-old attorney from Hickory, North Carolina, took to Twitter to apologize to Desiree following the show, seemingly embarrassed by his behavior. The Fantasy Man tweets:

"Southern hospitality got lost in all the booze. It was supposed to be classy. Even lit those candles."

"I would trade being #fantasysuiteguy for being #armorguy any day of the week. #noroses"

I'm sorry @BachelorNation @DesHartsock Really. That's my bad, guys. Sincerely, The Overzealous Bachelor. #fantasysuitefail

Chances are Jonathan won't be invited back during the real fantasy date episode. 

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