Ali Fedotowsky's Bachelor Blog!

In her NEW blog for Entertainment Weekly, former Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky blogs about Sean Lowe's season! Here's what she had to say in her recent blog post!

Her feelings about Tierra and Sean: " It is really hard to go through the show and see the guy you like date all these other girls. People always say that when you go on the bachelor you "sign up for this," and in a way you do. But there is absolutely no way anyone can prepare themselves for what it will feel like emotionally. My only problem with the situation was the look on Tierra's face when Sean excused himself to get the rose. She knew what she just did. I'm not saying she knew that she would get the rose by getting upset earlier in the night, but once he walked away, she knew that she had convinced him to give her the rose. Can I hate on her for ONE look? No. I'm not going to. I have yet to form a strong opinion on Tierra."

Sending Leslie H. home: " It was very obvious to me the whole time that Sean wasn't into Leslie. I think he probably knew before she even came on the date that he would send her home.
She is a sweet girl, but they had no chemistry. I wish her the best!"

Ali Fedowsky is currently the television host of NBC's  1st Look! Bachelor fans want to know, does Ali Fedotowsky have a boyfriend? She was rumored to be dating Charlie Ritchie last year but won't confirm or deny it. We hope this former Bachelorette finds love!


Mike said...

Ali I have to disagree with you about why certain people create drama to win a person over. When Stacie brought up drama, Sean told her to stop acting crazy and be herself. Terria on the other hand, he goes out of his way to comfort her. Why? She is not in the friends zone. Drama queens are generally two things, they are insecure or they are trying to win a contest rather than finding love. And you know Terria did that to convince Sean to give her a rose. She is not getting along with the rest of the house which tells you it's not just dating a guy who is dating other women!

Anonymous said...

Ali crossed the line talking about Selma's culture when she knows nothing about it!

Anonymous said...

Ali put down Selma's culture! Her sister Raya had a baby and is not married. Who can she talk about and put down when her sister is an unwed mother!