'Bachelorette 2012' Recap Episode 3

Check out these Bachelorette Blog recaps from your favorite Bachelors and Bacherlorettes!

Kacie B's Bachelor Blog (from Ben Flajnik's season)

Kacie B writes: "As the Memorial Day weekend wraps up… so does Episode 3 of The Bachelorette.  Quite the ending to a great weekend!  I think more guys left this episode early than people who don’t finish a marathon.  These guys are dropping like flies; this may be a 6-episode season! CHRIS – First one-on-one date of the.." --http://thebachelor.warnerbros.com/news/kacie-b%E2%80%99s-bachelorette-blog-episode-3/

Michael Stagliano's Bachelor Blog (Jillian Harris' season, Bachelor Pad) 

"Episode 3 opens with breakfast in bed, delivered by Emily’s mom…though (brace yourself for a jab) I honestly thought one of the Muppets from last week’s episode sneaked into the room, because once Emily’s mom spoke… I couldn’t imagine that voice coming from anything human. Maybe I am being a little harsh, and exaggerating slightly…http://thebachelor.warnerbros.com/news/michael-stagliano%E2%80%99s-bachelorette-blog-episode-3/

Ashley Spivey's Bachelor Blog (Brad Womack's season) 
I have to admit that I was super excited for this episode because the producers answered my prayers and gave Arie some more screen time and boy-oh-boy – they did not disappoint! I really liked this episode because I think we finally got to see Emily showing some interest in the guys!  It’s really obvious