Chris Harrison's Bachelor Blog


Chris Harrison blogs: "Though we’ve known sweet, Southern single mom Emily Maynard would be the next Bachelorette for a week, host Chris Harrison, who officially announced it on Good Morning America this morning, assures us it was only a done deal today. The producers have long been courting Maynard, he says. “We approached her. She was reluctant, and needed a lot of time to think about it, obviously, because there’s somebody else involved in her life, Ricki, her daughter. It was a huge decision. It wasn’t our usual approach to finding the Bachelorette,” he says. “We took it very slow. We had a lot of interviews. She had a lot of reservations, a lot of them centered around her daughter and how we’ll handle that — logistically, too, is she gonna come along? All that’s being worked out. But ultimately, she, like Ben [Flajnik] and even Brad [Womack], ironically enough, knows that she can trust us.." Read Chris Harrison's full Bachelor blog here!

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