The Bachelor: Diary of The Departed

Diaries of the Departed, Week 4

See who left The Bachelor this week!

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Sharon said...

Ben: I hope you have come to the conclusion of how evil and condascending Courtney is and how one girl tried to warn you. Wake up Bro. Be discerning. Look at the heart. Don't fall for the self-pity act.

All the girls are so beautiful. But many are SOOOO INSECURE, IMMATURE, EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE, PETTY, CATTY, MANIPULATING, FEARFUL, WINEY, NEEDY, SUSPICIOUS, COMPETITIVE, INFATUATED AND OBSESSED. .... "OH I'm just so afraid to get hurt again. I have trust issues." OMG Get over it. If you are not ready, then don't go on the show.

You are not there to 'mess around' either. Why are people getting naked with the bachelor and then the next day getting eliminated and boohooing. "Oh why didn't he pick me?" duh.

If you all only realized how beautiful you are in God's eyes and how much He loves you, and knew that your identity is in CHrist - not wrapped up in some man who you might not even end up with.

Guard your heart. Be a friend. And get to know the person at a safe pace. Let it be natural and quit interrupting when he's talking to someone else! Be patient. You will get your own private time with getting to know him. Then express yourself and if there's a connection, then great. If not, then don't worry about it. Move on!

Allow the Lord to heal you and be free! Move on.

My personal pick for Ben - there's a few that are probably great choices. So far I think Casey B. is a great match. I like the connection they have with each other. Also... I like how she asks thought provoking questions to the group. Courtney is not capable of doing that. She is too busy waiting to put someone down to make herself feel better.