Bachelor Season 16 Spoilers Ben Flajnik!

Heather Freshwater

The filming of The Bachelor is well underway and we can only assume that Ben Flajnik is already in love. The Bachelor airs January 2012!

Meet the women on this season of THE BACHELOR!

1. Elyse Myers, 24, a personal trainer/fitness instructor living in Tampa, FL.
2. Erika Uhlig, 23, is the current Miss Chicago 2011.
3. Heather Freshwater, age 25, from Knoxville, TN, Teacher.
4. Jamie Otis, age 23, maternity nurse at Cortland Regional Medical Center in Cortland, NY.
5. Shawn Reynolds, age 28, from Phoenix, AZ. Financial advisor.
6. Blakeley Shea, age 34, an Aesthetician. 
7. Jaclyn Swartz, age 27, New York, Account Manager.
8. Samantha Levey, age 26, lives in Los Angeles.
9. Casey Shteamer, age 26, Chicago, Illinois.
10. Courtney Robertson, Model from California.
11. Rachel Truehart, age 27, Sales Rep.
12. Kacie Boguskie, age 24, is from Knoxville, Tennessee.
13. Anna Snowball, From Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

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Who is Bachelor Ben Flajnik? 
  • The 28-year-old bachelor has fallen in love three times (Ashley being the third), but has only proposed the one time (to Ashley).
  • Ben is very close with his mother and sister, Julia Flajnik. His father, Joseph, died four years ago.
  • Ben attended the University of Arizona, majoring in music production with a minor in business. After his father died in 2007, Ben moved back to California, and he plans to stay in northern California for the foreseeable future.
  • Ben has a Jack Russell Terrier named Scotch.

Here's a look back at Ben's hometown date with Ashley. 

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