Bachelorette Interview with Chris Harrison- "I thought it was J.P. all along"

In this NEW interview with The Bachelorette's Chris Harrison and TV Guide, Harrison talks about how Ashley Hebert could let Ben Flajnik propose. Highlights from the interview:

How could Ashley let Ben propose?
Even if he knew at the back of his mind [Ashley would say no], he wanted to go through with it [and] even if she had said, "Don't get down on one knee," that's not going to make it better. He was still about to propose and still had a ring in his pocket. I don't think it would've softened the blow any at all.

Did you ever doubt J.P. would be the last guy standing at the end?
Harrison: I don't think Ben was ever out of the running. I think it was J.P. all along, he was the front-runner, but at the same time if there was anyone else with a chance it was Ben. She genuinely loved the guy, but what she and J.P. have is different. Read the full interview at! 

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