Bachelor Pad: Interview with Chris Harrison!

In this NEW interview with The Bachelor's, Chris Harrison, and TV Guide, he says "Jake giving Vienna the rose was stupid." Here is some highlights from the interview:

Was Jake giving Vienna the immunity rose genuine or stupid?
Chris Harrison: I thought it was genuinely the stupidest thing he could've ever done. It's so Jake to try to extend the olive branch and that's fine, I think a large a part of why he's here is to have that reconciliation, but as far as the game goes it was the dumbest thing he could've ever possibly done. Even though Gia didn't get voted off, he screwed her and really shook up the house.... Vienna doesn't have an ounce of forgiveness in her. I think Jake thought that it went well, but the poor guy is sitting back with his hand over his head taking a big sigh of relief that finally this is over and then in the other room Kasey and Vienna are laughing. She wants nothing to do with him.

Aside from Kasey and Vienna, what other strong couples will emerge?
Harrison: Holly and Michael
are an incredibly strong alliance. I think they were smart in that they buried the hatchet for the sake of the game. They went back to each other which is incredibly grown-up and mature, but awkward, but you'll see as the game goes on, they're an incredibly smart, talented team and it's because they know each other so well. Michelle and Graham, Team GQ, they turn out to be a very interesting couple as well and a smart team....Read the full interview with Chris Harrison at TV Guide!

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