Chris Harrison Responds to Emily and Brad Break-Up Rumors

Are Brad Womack and Emily Maynard still together? That is a question that all Bachelor fans are wondering. Some magazines reports speculate that Brad and Emily split last month while Emily's own mother say that they are still a couple (although Emily won't move in with Brad). Now, OK! Magazine reports that Brad and Emily have reunited. “Brad has been laying on the charm and it’s getting to her,” says an insider tells the magazine. “Emily was all set to move on but he just does not want to let her go and he’s been doing everything in his power to get her back.”

Now, Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, is speaking out
about the rumored Brad/Emily break-up. "Being a friend, Brad actually has exchanged some e-mails with me," Harrison tells "The last I'd heard, they were doing good, then her mom spoke up and said they were having trouble. I've heard the same rumors, that they're broken up or that they're trying to make it work or whatever.

"I don't know that she's bound by anything to not talk," adds Harrison. "Since the day they got off that 'After the Final Rose' special, they've been trying to work on it privately. Once you announce something, it's real and it's public and you have to deal with the consequences. I think they've learned the lesson, 'Let's figure out exactly what we are, then we'll come clean with it.' And it should come from them, not from me or producers or whoever. When they're ready, they'll say something."

Emily Maynard is keeping quiet about her relationship with Brad on Twitter. 


Anonymous said...

Yeah but look What's going around vs what is told...

Anonymous said...

Call a speed a speed. Bachelor funs will adjust. We adjusted to Jake and Vianna and now there history. if you let us know that they've split, some will rejoice, feel sad, but atleast you will be able to move on. Taking forever to confirm something doesn't change the outcome. THERE GOING TO SPLIT. you can twist it anyway you fancy and the end result is going to be the same.