The Bachelorette: "Stay Away from West Lee"

The Bachelorette doesn't begin until May 23rd but already rumors are circulating about one specific Bachelor contestants.

West Lee, (also known as Adam West Lee), the 30 year old Lawyer from South Carolina, is reportedly a Bachelor with a past. According to reports from RadarOnline and Star Magazine, West's wife, Sarah Young Lee, sadly drowned in the bathtub in 2007. Sarah's mom tells Star Magazine that Ashley Hebert should watch out. “I believe that West was my daughter’s enabler, and I just feel he had something to do with Sarah’s death,” Dianna Sapp told Star in an exclusive interview. “I would tell Ashley to think long and hard before getting into a relationship with him...Sarah was in a rehab facility right before she died but West took her out. The life they shared was a mess. Partying and drinking were not things Sarah was doing—until she started dating West." Her death was ruled accidental.

Will West reveal his past to Ashley? No doubt, The Bachelorette Season 7 will be definitely filled with drama. Perhaps, the most DRAMATIC season in Bachelor history!

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Naomi said...

I don't know Adam but after watching him on the Bachelorette, it bothers me that people look at things like this in people's past and use it against him. There is rarely a person who hasn't partied nor drank or even done weed, ect. and to judge him based on this is unfair. I believe wholeheartedly that he is a different person than he was back then and he deserves to have a life not defined by his wife's death which the police have already determined TWICE that he had nothing to do with. Just saying.