The Bachelor: Could Brad and Emily Really Last?


If you believe the tabloids, Brad Womack may indeed choose Emily Maynard on tonight's finale episode. But could this Bachelor couple actually last? Could Brad handle being a father as Emily is a 24 year old single mom with a five year old daughter.

Here's a look back at all the other BACHELOR couples who didn't quite make it. 

The Bachelor Season 1: Alex Michel picks Amanda Marsh. The couple broke-up after several months of dating.

The Bachelor Season 2: Aaron Buerge picks Helene Eksterowicz. The couple broke-up and Aaron is now married to someone else.

The Bachelor Season 3: Andrew Firestone picks Jen Schefft. They live together for several months before breaking-up. Both are now married with children (to other people, of course!).

Bob Guiney & Estella Gardinier

The Bachelor Season 4: Bob Guiney picks Estella Gardinier. Guiney gave her a promise ring and the couple broke-up soon afterwards. Guiney is now divorced from soap opera star, Rebecca Budig.

The Bachelor Season 5: Jesse Palmer picks Jessica Bowlin. He didn't propose and the two broke-up several months later.

The Bachelor Season 6: Byron Velvick picks Mary Delgado. They split after five years (and Mary got arrested several times!).

The Bachelor Season 7: Charlie O'Connel picks Sarah Brice. The two date for several years before breaking-up (due to his drinking), getting back together and breaking up again!

The Bachelor Season 8: Travis Stork picks Sarah Stone. The couple breaks up and Stork later appears on the TV show, The Doctors.
Lorenzo and Jen

The Bachelor Season 9: Prince Lorenzo Borghese picks Jennifer Wilson. The couple breaks-up.

The Bachelor Season 10: Andrew Baldwin picks Tessa Horst. He calls off the engagement after one month.

The Bachelor Season 11: Brad Womack picks.... NO ONE!

The Bachelor Season 12: Matt Grant picks Shayne Lamas. They later break-up and Shayne later marries someone in a quickie Las Vegas wedding
bachelor, jason mesnick, molly, melissa

The Bachelor Season 13: Jason Mesnick picks Melissa Rycroft and later dumps her for runner-up, Molly Melaney. Jason and Molly later marry. Melissa is now married to Tye Strickland and welcomed a baby daughter, Ava Grace.

Jake Pavelka Proposes To Vienna - Final Rose

The Bachelor Season 14: Jake Pavelka picks Vienna Girardi. The two later break-up in a very public break-up.

The Bachelor Season 15: Will Brad Womack pick Emily Maynard or Chantal O'Brien? And will they stay together?

So if Brad Womack picks Emily (or Chantal) will they stay together? Bachelor predictions usually say no.


Journey of Faith said...

You forgot about Jillian and Ed.

Anonymous said...

Jill and Ed were the Bachelorette not Bachelor. There was a lot of breakups in the bachelorette too.

Anonymous said...

tooo many breaak ups but i admit im addicted to this show i think brad will pick emily

Trish said...

If they realy care about it they will work hard at it.

ljojd713 said...

Where can we find a ring like the one Brad gave to Emily? Is it from a certain designer/company?

Anonymous said...

Not going to make it. Emily isnt going to put up with him and he isnt going to put up with her.

Anonymous said...

They can't even stay together over stupid little scripted realty shooting. What makes anyone think they could ever withstand the reality of a child/money issues/careers/moving to another state etc. Don't think Emilys daughter is going to just jump into Brads lap and say hi Daddy oh no that isnt going to happen. Yea, no they won't last. They can't make it through the simple steps of the reality Jimmy Kimmel said 4 - 6 months for the sake of the show. No they are part of the % that says we broke up.

Anonymous said...

Brad And Emily will not last! She was the wrong one!!!!He did exactly what his mommy and
family told him.STUPID BRAD!
He deserves what he gets and so does that B**** Emily.
She never wanted him you could tell by the body language!

Anonymous said...

As the contest progressed for Emily, it appears that she was more concerned about winning, not obtaining a spouse. She is so pessimistic and critical about everything Brad says. Everything Emily said in the last date told it all. In every sentence Emily speaks, there is a "but”. Everything before the "but" is a lie. Brad is being sincere, upright and honest. Emily needs to give Brad the benefit of the doubt. Brad would have been better off choosing Chantel. Sometimes what you think you want is not always what is best for you.

Anonymous said...

Emily should run as quick as she can away from this guy, he is to old for her and she has a lot of growing up to do. These reality shows are not real and a mate for life is not to be found here. Entertainment all the way!