The Bachelor: Are Brad and Emily still together?


Just ask them yourself! 

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard recently joined Twitter to stop the rumors about their relationship. If you're wondering if Brad and Emily are still together, just read their tweets! And no, Brad Womack will NOT do the Bachelor for a 3rd time (thank goodness!).

@Brad_Womack Last Fri was drinking one too many beers. This Fri watched two kids movies, drew on walls, drank lemonade w/my girls. This Fri=perfection.

@Brad_Womack strange rumor about me being bach for 3rd time...absolutely NO chance. ZERO. so happy w the one I love. have a great day guys!!

@Brad_Womack Incredible day today...couldn't be happier. I know I promised a pic...I'll post one caught up with the pp I love!

@RickisMommy @Brad_Womack, Brad get off twitter. Come downstairs we're hungry! love yoU!

@RickisMommy I LOVE @BRAD_WOMACK! Everyone add him but don't forget he's taken! :) 

Photo: Twitter Brad Womack and Ricki having fun.

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Anonymous said...

I wish them all the best...I watched every episode and am so happy for them. I had said from the first show that I had hoped he pick Emily!!!!