Bachelor Spoilers 2011: Week 7


It's not looking good for Michelle Money on The Bachelor Week 7.  Brad starts to see Michelle's true colors and becomes annoyed by her. Rumor has it, Michelle will be leaving the mansion next week but not without a fight.

According to Bachelor Blogger, Reality, Brad Womack has a one-on-one date with Britt Billmaier but it doesn't look like she'll get the rose. There is a group date with Chantal O'Brien, Michelle Money, and Ashley Hebert for a Sports Illustrated photo shoot (and we all know what that means: the women will be dressed in skimpy bikinis). It's rumored that Emily Maynard has a one-on-one date and has a serious talk with Brad about letting him meet her five year old daughter.

Two girls will be eliminated with a very dramatic exit. 

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Anonymous said...

is emily leaving this week or no?