TV Guide Interview with Chris Harrison

Is Bachelor Brad Womack going to marry Madison (and her fangs)? Probably not, says Chris Harrison. Check out his latest Bachelor interview with TV Guide.

TVGuide: What was Brad thinking by keeping Madison and her fangs?
Chris Harrison:
I don't know. I think she's mysterious, intriguing; she's obviously a beautiful girl. I didn't see the fangs at first when she got out of the limo. Once I went into the control room, I went, "What the hell are those?" I had the director zoom in and was like, "She has fangs!" I think he felt like, "You know what? She's putting on airs, but this girl's kind of intriguing and I'm keeping 20 of them anyway, what's it going to hurt to keep her for show No. 2?" That night, you're really just looking for something that stands out. Is he going to go off and get married to Madison with fangs? Probably not. But does he want to see what's there? Yeah.

Read the full interview with Chris Harrison here!

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