Brad Womack Bachelor Blog- Week 1

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In this week's posting, Brad Womack writes about his date with Ashley. "In this week's episode, you got to see two one-on-one dates and one group date unfold. They were so much fun! My first date was with Ashley H. So many thoughts and emotions were going through my head that day. I had SO much going on. I was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that morning, Dancing With the Stars that evening (that's when I was officially announced as the Bachelor) and then had to rush home to get dressed for my date. I was so nervous when I arrived at the mansion to pick up Ashley. But all the nerves went away as soon as I saw her. She looked gorgeous! I was also grateful to have a very serious conversation with Ashley about our pasts, which are eerily similar. The night could not have gone better. I said that date was the best first date of my entire life, and I mean it. I left that night thinking, "If this is how every date is going to go, I am no doubt going to find my wife along this journey...." Read Brad Womack's full bachelor blog at!

Brad Womack's Bachelor Blog: All About My First Dates

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