Bachelor Brad Womack Blogs: Week 3 "Madison is More than her Fangs"

Brad Womack's Bachelor Blog: A Night of Revelations

The Bachelor's weekly blog can be found at This week Brad Womack writes about the rose ceremony and Madison's departure.

"This particular rose ceremony was pretty dramatic. My goal was to allow the women to be comfortable (in order to open up more to me) and it worked! A lot of them made it very clear that strong feelings were developing and that they were here for the right reasons. Which brings me to Madison. She hasn't received enough credit for being a caring, gracious and genuine woman. All anybody is talking about are her damn fangs! Madison truly cares about other people – almost more than she cares about herself. We had an interesting conversation during the cocktail party and I didn't know where she stood after that. Well, I soon found out. When Madison decided to leave, I was surprised and very disappointed. I was hoping to get to know her better. I can only assume that she has many qualities that I would have liked. Obviously, I'm someone who can commend a person for walking away from something (or someone) that doesn't feel right. I'm proud of Madison for admitting that she simply didn't have feelings that warranted her possibly receiving a rose that could have gone to another woman."  Read the full blog post here!

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