The Bachelor Spoilers!

Some more Bachelor spoilers! 

The filming of The Bachelor began Sept. 24 or 25. 

"Bachelor" 2011 spoilers - Brad sees Dr. Drew
Steve reports that Brad will take the bachelorettes to a taping of Dr. Drew's "Lovelines" radio talk show.  What will the topic be about - avoiding commitment phobia?
Usually the cast goes to a comedy show or private concert.  What a twist having Dr. Drew as part of this season.
"Bachelor" 2011 spoilers - what's to come
A 1-on-1 date is suppose to be filmed at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas later this month.  It's the same hotel where Ali and Jesse Beck had their 1-on-1 in "The Bachelorette."  Couldn't they get a little more creative on that end?
"The Bachelor" has been traveling the world a lot lately and 2011 won't be any different.  Brad and his group will head to Costa Rica for more dates and rose ceremonies.  The mansion seems to be getting less air time.

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