Reality Steve Responds to Brad Womack Bachelor Rumor


Bachelor Blogger, Reality, claims that 'Brad Womack is 100% the next Bachelor.'

From his new blog post, Reality Steve writes "ABC knows that the rumor is out there it’s Brad. And they know it came from me. Considering their utter dislike for me, don’t you think if it wasn’t true, they’d deny it by now. Chris Harrison is now tweeting saying “a lot of rumors out there. You’ll find out soon”. If it wasn’t Brad, the first thing those people would be saying to shut me up would be, “We can tell you it’s not Brad.” But they’re not. Trust me. It’s him. As for “US Weekly” today claiming on their site it’s an “exclusive”, that just shows the depths of which those parasites will sink. Jeez, at least give credit where credit is due. It’s not an exclusive when I reported it two days ago AND one of your main competitors, Star Magazine, called me immediately after I posted and put it on their website Monday afternoon. So ridiculous. Every time I post a quote, or reference a story I read online about this show, I always credit who reported it or where it came from. All I ask is the same in return. Apparently that’s too much for them. I guess I somewhat understand. I mean, when a blogger in Texas is constantly beating you when it comes to inside information for this show, I guess you have to pretend you’re winning. Hell, take my website completely out of the equation. Star ran the story on their site TWO DAYS AGO because they actually followed up with my Twitter post and called me asking for quotes and verifying it."  Read Reality Steve's Full blog posting here! 

****Although Reality Steve claims that he was the first one to break the news, Wes Hayden actually tweeted about it the day BEFORE Steve made his announcement.  Reality Steve tweeted about Womack on September 20th while Wes made his Tweet to us on September 19. Wes tweeted "Brad Womack has been runnin aroynd Austin sayin its him lol!?" 


Trish said...

Chris H normaly says what is going on with who is the bachelor-bachelorette is, so I am waitting for what he says. The last I knew he went to talk with Cris L. After the bachelor Pad Chris saifd it would be January 2011. He will say who when he is redy.

The DWTS sometimes says who it is.

I don't trust Wes 100% and Reality Steve has been rong before.

Anonymous said...

really really "rong"?