Top 10 OMG Moments from Bachelor Pad

Top 10 OMG Moments from Bachelor Pad Episode 1.1

It's only the first episode but already there are MANY classic Bachelor Pad moments. Check out the full list from!

1. Tenley vs. Michelle

Hee hee! Actually, this is sad. Michelle is the real victim of this situation. If anything, Crazy Michelle is having a sane moment when she pulls Tenley aside to talk about how she hurt her feelings with that Craig hook-up rumor. It doesn't matter if the rumor is true or not, Tenley should be a little more sensitive to other people's feelings. Especially when the second Michelle talks to her in the bathroom Tenley acts like she's under attack. (Maybe she really is auditioning for a horror film.) Michelle just wants to keep Tenley in the room long enough to hear her words; she knows Tenley doesn't feel "safe" without her mob, and sure enough the second the door opens Tenley runs and cries to Elizabeth. Then when Elizabeth says they'll get rid of Michelle — 'cause everyone loves Tenley — Tenley has this creepy little manipulative smile. Tip: Just because Tenley cries, doesn't mean she's right. Michelle, consider yourself lucky to get out now.

2. Elizabeth vs. Kovacs

This is exhausting. Elizabeth tells anyone who will listen that she's in love with Jesse Kovacs (although she treats him a helluva lot worse than Craig, the guy she supposedly dislikes) but he doesn't feel the same about her (wonder why not?). Kovacs, on the other hand, sees Elizabeth as a "friend," which is not what you should call someone you dated for a while and everyone else still calls your girlfriend. He needs to have a little more sensitivity to her feelings. Both of them are delusional and they probably deserve each other. We feel sorry for Kovacs, though, because he's right about the strategy: Elizabeth can't act like she has "dibs" on him. It makes them both vulnerable in the house. So what does she do? She turns around and emotionally blackmails him, telling him to tell everyone that he's in love with her. That's bunny boiler territory. She's scary.

. Nikki vs. Juan

Is anyone else totally shocked that this is the real Juan? Nice guy Juan from Jillian's season of The Bachelorette? The paragon of calm virtue in the face of Dave "Man Code" Good'sbullying? Turns out Juan sort of dated Nikki and invited her to a Bachelor cruise, where he immediately hooked up with another girl. According to Natalie, Juan only slept with Nikki because he needed a place to stay in Chicago. (Ouch!) Juan, who seems callous and oblivious in equal measure, decides the best timing for his overdue apology is when he knows the women are probably ready to vote him out. He makes an entirely insincere speech and Nikki does not buy it. No one buys it. Juan is dumped, and in the limo he seems to feel sorry for himself because Nikki was the only one who didn't say goodbye to him. His strategy was to “deal with the Nikki situation” and he guesses he didn’t do that. Wow. And we thought Wes was the villain. Read more here!

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