Chris Harrison's Bachelor Pad Blog- Episode 1

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From Chris' blog "Now let’s talk about your new summer addiction, Bachelor Pad! I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had producing this show. I hope you’ll have just as much fun watching it. We’ve always wanted to do an all-star edition of our show, but didn’t want to taint the franchise. Bachelor Pad is the perfect solution. It’s an all-star show, but it’s a sexy, fun summer competition. The show wasn’t just a completely different experience for the cast. I was immediately in unfamiliar territory, too, when I stood in the traditional “Bachelor position” to greet the cast. It was extremely awkward, as I’ve stood just off camera for the last nine years watching others do the same thing.

I felt a little bad for Gwen and Krisily, as they had to pretty much introduce themselves to the other cast members. You’ll notice instead of her age, there are question marks next to Gwen’s name. That’s because she told us not to put her age on the show. One of the things I loved that first day was the fact that, until they walked in the door, the cast didn’t know who else was on the show. That made for some interesting and tense moments, like between Nikki and Juan, who apparently hooked up previous to production. You reap what you sow, or you made your bed now you lie in it… one of those old sayings seems to apply here, maybe both.

Jonathan had the first home run line of the show in calling Craig a “category six A-hole.” Gotta admit that made me laugh. He might be a punching bag, but he’s a pretty funny punching bag.
The first competition was giant Twister. The game took quite a while to play, and it was really hot out there, so mental mistakes were bound to happen. I have to give Craig credit, he knew his butt was on the chopping block and he had to win that rose to save himself, and that’s exactly what he did. He followed that up with a pretty smooth move in taking Jessie S on the date. Speaking of Jessie S, when she went out to get the date card, did she really grab the entire pedestal and bring it in with the card? Wait! Quick rewind of the DVR! Yep, that just happened, she brought the whole damn thing in with the date card. Bless her heart!" Read more here....

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