Bachelor Pad's Gwen Gioia Doesn't Want Her Age Revealed

Is it Couger time on The Bachelor Pad? According to US Magazine, contestant Gwen Giola doesn't want to reveal her age. "Host Chris Harrison tells, "You’ll notice instead of her age, there are question marks next to Gwen’s name. That’s because she told us not to put her age on the show." Even her profile on ABC The Bachelor Pad website, states:

Occupation: Project Manager
Age: ?
Residence: Philadelphia, PA
From:The Bachelor Season 2

I don't know about you but Gwen looks pretty good to us! 

Gwen Gioia


Anonymous said...

All I can say is that Gwen looks great for

Anonymous said...

Even though she does look good, I think she is in her early 50s.

Anonymous said...

Gwen should be the next bachelorette. It's about time to get some people on the show that are mature and really looking for love instead of these trashy stupids girls and guys just want to party. No wonder none of the couples have worked out! They're all 20 somethings who want to party, get laid, and be noticed on TV

Anonymous said...

I agree she should be the next Bachlorette!!! Definately, I think more people would tune in fr sure!!