The Bachelor Pad- Interview with Juan Barbieri

The Bachelor Pad's Juan Barbieri, might have been voted off this week but he is sure talking! From his interview with People Magazine. 

People Magazine- The reason you were eliminated is because of your history with Nikki. Viewers only got part of the story and it made you seem like a jerk. What’s your side?

Juan- Nikki tends to embellish and exaggerate and she uses the terms relationship and dating differently than I do … We had been corresponding online and she seemed like a sweet girl. She invited me to Chicago. I had never been and was eager to visit. We had a wonderful weekend together. She was a wonderful host. Everything went as normally and naturally as you can imagine and then I came back to LA, my life and other people I was dating. We kept in touch but at no time did we ever talk about pursuing it. I took it for what it was and she obviously took it for something more. The next time I saw her was six weeks later on the reunion cruise. Before we boarded, I said I wasn’t interested in continuing our relationship and that it would be best to be friends. She didn’t take that very well and that’s where the animosity started.

Women stick together. Obviously, that played a part in your elimination. Do you think you will have some explaining to do on the real dating scene?
When it comes to my real dating life, it has no impact. Anyone who takes two minutes to hear the story gets a clear picture on the situation. Now, do people online choose team Juan or team Nikki and like to talk trash? Of course. I learned long ago to tune it out.

Who would you like to win?
I guess I’d give it to Kiptyn. I hate to say it because he has so much going for him and he doesn’t need it, but he’d do good things with it. I’m not sure he has it in him to do the sneaky things necessary to win.

Were you surprised at how quickly Natalie and Jesse hooked up?
Yeah. They had an instant connection. They are each other’s type in every way. I don’t know if it will last. They live in different states so that makes things difficult.

Did Michelle and Craig hook up on the first night?
That never happened. Tenley was dreaming or it was Natalie and Jesse who had already been making out and slept next to her. Craig and Michelle were on the other side of the room and I know for a fact they didn’t do anything inappropriate. If it was Tenley’s strategy to start a rumor about someone already on thin ice to rally the troop against her, it was well-played. Full interview with Bachelor Pad's Juan here!

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Joylyn G. Tubilla said...

hi.Juan,,I've been watching you,,i really to be Jillian's future husband,,and i felt so bad when he eliminated you its because your a perfect couple for me...

hope you reply me in my account,