NEW Interview with Kirk Dewindt

The Bachelorette's Kirk Dewindt talks to People Magazine about his experiences on the bachelorette and getting dumped by Ali Fedotowsky. Read the full interview with Ali's ex, Kirk.

From the interview:

Who would you pick for her?

I’d always thought, if it wasn’t me, it was Frank who’d be best for Ali. It stems from having the first date. He was quite confident in [their] relationship from go. He talked about how great it was and how much he liked her right away. Observing how she was with him even in group settings gave me the impression that there was a lot there. Frank is the most off the beaten path, a bit neurotic and the definition of quirky and those were qualities Ali was looking for. She doesn’t want the safe bet and maybe Chris and Roberto were safer. Like everybody else, I’ve seen the previews so that has changed my mind.

Did his ex ever come up and did you suspect he might get back with her?
Frank had mentioned an ex, as did other guys, but I didn’t know the extent of the situation or his feelings. I didn’t know what he was thinking obviously because I wasn’t expecting what he apparently does.

Are you upset that he made it farther than you and then may have second thought about Ali?
She obviously liked three guys more than me. But seeing [those previews] is kind of difficult and frustrating. He came on the show with feelings for somebody else whereas I came on the show with feelings for nobody. Frank was doing what he thought was best for himself. I have a hard time holding it against him and he is one of my best friends in the house, but it would have been nice to go to Tahiti to see where the relationship went.

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