Entertainment Tonight Interviews Ali Fedotowsky!!

Entertainment Tonight talks to The Bachelorette about her break-up with Frank. Check out the FULL interview here.

From the interview....

ET: How do you compare what Frank did to what Justin did? Do you think they are the same thing, or a world of difference?

Ali Fedotowsky: I think there are similarities, but I think they are not in the same category at all in terms of if I had to put them in buckets. I think Justin's was more manipulative. Whereas, I think Frank was with this girl before he came on the show and I think they basically split up for him to go on the show. I don't think the feelings ever left. I think when Frank came on the show, he didn't expect to have such strong feelings for me. When he did, he was, "Oh, crap. I still have feelings for the girl back home." He should have come to me sooner. I think he knew all along that this was how it was going to play out. I don't think he wanted to be the last one standing. I think he was, "I am crazy about her, but I hope she sends me home next week. I hope I get really far and then she sends me home." When he got into the top three, he realized, "This could be it. I better say something."

ET: Do you know why Frank and Nicole broke up in the first place? I guess what I am asking is did you get more clarification beyond the conversation we saw on the air?

Ali Fedotowsky: No, I didn't. I really knew nothing about her. I knew something about another ex who went to Paris with him that he told me about in Iceland. I asked if he still had feelings for that ex because it seemed as if he was still holding in some feelings for an ex. I asked him about that particular ex that went to Paris and he said, "I don't have feelings for that girl anymore." So, little did I know not that girl, but this other girl that he failed to mention. I will talk to Frank at the "After the Final Rose" ceremony. I think it would be nice to get some clarification with what happened with that relationship. It would be nice to know in order to close it out.

'The Bachelorette''s Ali Fedotowsky on Her Emotional Breakup with Frank

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