Jake Pavelka is single again

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi have split. Jake says that he is saddened by the split. More here! How does Tenley Molzahn feel about this? Check out Tenley's Tweets.

Jake Pavelka popped the question to Vienna Girardi with a $50,000 3-carat ring by Neil Lane.

photo of Jake and Vienna from here


Anonymous said...

Jake wanted fame from the beginning. I'm glad he didn't break "Tenley's" heart. Next to his sculpted body, Jake loves fame and the $ that goes with it. Believe it!!!! He never fooled me once. Now watch him start with a whole string of beauties from Hollywood ... anyone who can advance his career he will be pictured with.

Anonymous said...

That is where I think you are wrong, Vienna was a witch on the show and it was her true colors. She is the one who sold her sole not Jake. She is out for herself and always was from the start. Jake was just to stupid to see it. I knew they would never last, Vienna is fake and a complete WITCH. It was about time they split.