'The Bachelor ' Season 14 Final 4: No Wife for Jake Pavelka

Reasons why this blogger doesn't believe Jake Pavelka will marry any of the final four.

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Tenley Molzahn, age 25. Tenley has been portrayed as the "good girl" on the show. But the 25 year old is only recently divorced and still seems pained by that. She told Jake all about how her ex husband cheated on her, and the hurt still seems there (according to Us, Molzahn 's divorce was finalized just last year). Tenley's biggest problem is probably that she probably needs to takes things slow and is likely no where near ready for marriage any time soon. If Jake is is, then that could be a deal breaker.

Ali Fedotosky, age 25- Ali is probably the closest to marriage material that Jake has. She doesn't seem to have any real skeletons in her closet either. But producers of The Bachelor have painted her to be catty and frankly, unlikeable. Ali is usually seen badmouthing fellow cast mate Vienna Girardi. In fact, her disdain for Girradi is a main storyline on the show, making Ali's dates with Jake appear to be just an afterthought. It's a shame, because Ali was a favorite early on.

Gia Allemand, age 26. Swimsuit model Gia's racy photo shoot for Maxim has already been all over the Internet. Clearly looking for fame, GIa seems to like Jake, but most fans don't think she'd settle down in Texas to be his wife. According to Us, Gia has already had a few famous boyfriends, including former NY Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano and Chris Campoli of The Ottawa Senators. Let's face it, the girl isn't hurting for dates and Gia's career seems to be the main thing she's pursuing right now.

Vienna Girardi, age 23. Vienna Girardi has been this season's most hated bachelorette, so is it any wonder that her (many) skeletons have come tumbling out of the closet? While she was upfront with Jake about her failed teenage marriage, her story is a tad different than what her ex-husband is saying about their 10 month union.

Jake - maybe Shannon Bair from Season 13 is still available!


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Tenley's Ex-Husband Photos:


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This is a boring season. No one stands out as particularly interesting. Not even Jake.