Bachelorette Harris 'weathers storm'

By Alexandra Burroughs,

Bachelorette Jillian Harris leans on Alberta-based friends, who say she is happy despite rumours.

While gossip-mongers lambast Ed Swiderski for cheating on Bachelorette Jillian Harris, her closest friends say the reality TV couple have already moved past the scandal.

"I just talked to her a few minutes ago and they are hanging out in Vancouver meeting her friends and exploring her world," says Peace River native Shannon Long, 29, speaking exclusively with the Calgary Herald on Sunday.

"Jill was aware that there was a risk of this kind of tabloid attention when she got involved with the show. But this is crazy."

In an e-mail to the Herald on Sunday, Harris was exasperated by the tabloid attention, saying: "I want my sweet little simple Canadian life back where people treat others with respect." Adding: "I am doing great, though . . . We are just trying to weather this storm."

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