'The Bachelorette' Are Brian Jarosinski and his Girlfriend Still Together?

"Brian, you are a lying cheating pig but I'll take you back"
Last week on The Bachelorette, Desiree was shocked to learn that Brian Jarosinski had a girlfriend back home. Since filming aired months ago, Bachelor fans are wondering what happened to Brian and so-called girlfriend, Stephanie Larimore since the show. Are Brian and Stephanie still a couple?

According to Bachelor blogger, Reality Steve, here is the scoop:

"Last night during the show, I got another email from someone saying that Sunday night, Brian and Stephanie were at Bay CafĂ© in Baltimore together. The email stated, among other things, “They were all over each other walking hand in hand like they had been together forever. Even spotted them at one point sitting in the beach area of the bar cuddling and whispering in each others ears. They walked around like almost waiting for someone to recognize them."

Reality Steve goes on to say that Stephanie has been in contact with tabloid magazines, and possibly looking to get paid for her story.

If Brian and Stephanie are still a couple, they sure make one dysfunctional pair. Good luck to them!

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